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More to sustainable homes than being green.

AVJennings CEO, Phil Kearns

New legislation to improve the energy efficiency of properties in Australia is not just a win for the environment, but also a boost for homeowners’ finances and lifestyles.

From 2024, all new homes must be built to a minimum 7-star energy efficiency standard – the first mandated upgrade since 2010, when the minimum rating for a new home was moved from 5 to 6 stars.

Many buyers are unaware of the true value of an energy efficient home, with the benefits reaching far beyond sustainable development.

A lot of home buyers think sustainability and energy efficiency is only important in terms of reducing environmental impact, and don’t consider how it can positively affect their finances and lifestyle.

For example, our new Stellar Collection can be built up to an energy efficiency rating of 9.4 stars out of a ‘perfect’ 10 and could save homeowners up to 77 per cent on their heating and cooling costs – which is pertinent considering power bills are expected to jump by 50 per cent in the next two years.

Home buyers are always looking for ways to reduce their ongoing costs, and having a home that is designed to conserve energy through superior insulation is something that is often overlooked.

And it’s not just the financial implications of sustainable building that are often forgotten – it’s the lifestyle benefits too.

Sustainable, energy efficient homes are generally healthier and safer homes, because of the different materials and building methods used.

Homes with better insulation have a more stable room temperature, and therefore better air quality and no draughts.

Double glazed windows and thick glass can reduce noise and is shatter-proof, so it’s safer and reduces the chance of break-ins.

I believe the future of Australia is energy efficient homes – not only because they make sense in our climate – but because, put simply, it is a much smarter way to build a property that will stand the test of time and provide all the benefits homeowners are looking for.

For too long, we’ve taken a ‘retrospective’ approach to sustainability, with homeowners generally looking for after-market solutions like solar or added insulation to combat high energy bills.

This can cost thousands of dollars and is unnecessary when we now have better building methods like our Stellar Collection’s Pro9 walling system with built-in insulation, which means we can deliver a stylish, sustainable home that is affordable and doesn’t require a long build timeframe.

For smarter, greener homes we simply need to change our mindset, and start thinking of sustainable features as an imperative inclusion in all modern homes, instead of an optional afterthought.