First homebuyers FAQs

What are the extra costs involved?

When buying your first home, you'll generally be up for things like stamp duty, lender costs, legal and conveyancing fees, mortgage insurance and builder's reports.

How much do I need upfront?

It's possible to get into your first home with just 5% deposit of the purchase price. However, if your deposit is between 5% to 20%, you will need to pay what's called lenders mortgage insurance. Ask your lender about how much you can afford.

What things should I look out for in a suburb?

It depends on your lifestyle, however most people tend to look at things like the proximity to good schools and other amenities. And of course, a great community.

What is lenders mortgage insurance?

Mortgage insurance is generally charged by lenders if your deposit is less than 20% of the home’s purchase price. Many buyers choose to pay this insurance instead of saving for a few more years.

Can I buy with friends or family?

Absolutely. Ask your lender for more details.

Am I eligible for the First Home Buyers Grant?

If you're Australian or a permanent resident buying your first home to live in, you could be eligible for the government's First Home Buyer grant and other bonuses. Each state has different rules, so it’s best to check with your local lender.

Do you have affordable homes in my area?

We have living options to suit every budget and lifestyle. From undiscovered suburban gems to surprisingly affordable coastal communities.

Can I use my own builder?

Yes, you can choose your own builder when buying a block of land in our communities.

Buying process FAQs

What’s the process of buying an apartment?

Read our easy step by step guide to buying an apartment with AVJennings

Buying an apartment with AVJennings in NSW
Buying an apartment with AVJennings in WA

What’s the process of buying a house and land package?

What’s the process of buying a new home or townhome?

What’s the process of buying a block of land?

Property investor FAQs

What's the process of buying an investment property?

Buying an investment property is relatively straightforward, however working out which investment property is right for you can be more complex. Things to consider include your financial situation as well as your short, medium and long term investment goals.

Which developments offer the best returns?

Communities with amenities like schools, shops and public transport generally provide the best opportunity for better financial returns.

How does negative gearing work?

Negative gearing is when the rental income earned from your property investment is less than your interest repayments and other costs associated with owning that property. It lets you offset the costs of owning a property against your annual income, potentially lowering your taxable income meaning you could pay less tax.

Are investors eligible for the First Home Buyers Grant?

Rules vary from state to state, however you generally need to reside in the property you’re buying to qualify for the government’s First Home Buyers Grant.

Can I invest in property with friends or family?

Yes, you can invest in property with family and friends. Speak to your lender about things like Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common agreements.

Shareholder / investor FAQs

How do I buy shares and invest in AVJennings?

Our stock is listed as AVJ on the ASX. To buy or trade, you’ll need an online trading account or stockbroker. Visit the ASX website for information on brokers and accounts.

Which stock exchange is AVJennings listed on?

We’re listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange). Our stock code is AVJ.

Can I see your annual report?

Yes. You can download our annual reports here.

Can I subscribe to alerts about the company's progress?

Yes. You can download our annual reports here.

Careers FAQs

What's it like to work at AVJennings?

Here’s what some of our team members have to say.

“What I love about working at AVJennings is that it’s fairly autonomous so my destiny is mine to create. And management support is fantastic.”

- Frank Diggins, Sales Consultant

“The culture here is amazing. We’re so lucky to have such great people.”

- George Kirkopolous Sales Consultant

“It’s a company with superb ethics, that genuinely wants to build caring and communities.”

- Paula Piggott, Sales Consultant

Do you have jobs going in my area?

To see which jobs are currently on offer, please visit our current-opportunities.

How do I apply?

Simply by selecting the job you’d like to apply for on our current-opportunities.