Williamstown, VIC.

Right size your life in a Merchant Apartment

Why a Merchant Apartment at Waterline Place is the Perfect Choice for Right Sizers

As life evolves and priorities shift, many individuals find themselves contemplating downsizing their homes. The decision to downsize brings with it a multitude of advantages, allowing for a simpler, more convenient, and fulfilling life.

For those seeking the perfect downsizing (or right sizing as we like to call it) opportunity, Merchant at Waterline Place in Williamstown has it all. The grandest apartment release in Waterline Place’s impressive masterplan, Merchant showcases immaculately appointed luxury apartments, a vibrant ground floor retail precinct and a zoned communal rooftop space with breathtaking vistas all within walking distance from Williamstown’s vibrant hubs and amenities.

Here’s why Merchant is the perfect choice for right sizers:

1. Right size your life without compromise
Downsizing allows you to shed the burdens of a large home and embrace a more practical and efficient living space. Merchant presents immaculately appointed one, two and three-bedroom luxury apartments, with an exclusive “Sky Homes” collection on the upper floors, boasting floor to ceiling windows that capture views of the bay towards the city skyline.
These stunning apartments offer generous floor plans that are carefully crafted to maximise functionality without compromising on style. With over 20 floorplans to choose from and two coastal inspired colour schemes, you can personalise your seaside haven to your individual tastes.

2. Belong to a welcoming community
Downsizing to a brand-new apartment opens doors to a welcoming, engaging and growing community. At Waterline Place, you can connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and experiences, foster new friendships and enjoy a sense of belonging. Merchant’s communal spaces, such as the stunning rooftop terrace and ground floor retail hub, provide opportunities to socialise, entertain, and enjoy the company of neighbours.

“Waterline Place really is a perfect place for downsizers. It has such a friendly atmosphere, where like-minded grownups have gathered and share lifestyles, life stories, interests and a sense of community. It has really future-proofed our lifestyle – we don’t have to worry about stairs or gardening as we get older, and we feel really safe and secure not only within our apartment, but within the community, too. And to top it all off, the Williamstown location is second none. We can walk everywhere – cafés, parks, the beach and public transport are in easy reach. Nothing beats living
so close to the water. It’s such a beautiful lifestyle” - Waterline Place resident Susan Lindblom.

3. Wake up to a coastal haven every day
Waterline Place is located in the captivating bay-side suburb of Williamstown, offering a coastal haven for right sizers seeking tranquillity and natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the idyllic surroundings, where breathtaking waterfront views, scenic walking paths, and sandy beaches await. Enjoy leisurely strolls along Williamstown Beach or embrace the boating lifestyle that the area is renowned for.

4. Embrace convenience and simplified living
One of the most significant advantages of downsizing is the convenience it brings. Merchant apartments are meticulously designed to offer a seamless and simplified living experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of extensive home maintenance and garden upkeep and embrace a lock-and-leave lifestyle that affords you the freedom to travel and explore without worry.

5. Live well-connected to everything
Merchant at Waterline Place delivers unmatched connectivity, convenience and coastal charm, situated walking distance from Nelson Place, Williamstown Station, Williamstown Beach, ferry terminals and offering easy access to the West Gate Freeway. Plus, the vibrant ground floor precinct, zoned communal rooftop space and fully equipped gymnasium ensures retail, social and wellness opportunities are on your doorstep.

6. Experience financial freedom
Downsizing to an apartment offers potential financial benefits, allowing you to unlock equity tied up in a larger home. You can reduce housing expenses, utility costs, and potentially eliminate the burden of a mortgage. This newfound financial freedom provides an opportunity to invest in experiences, travel, or secure your future. Downsizing to Merchant at Waterline Place can help you make your next chapter your best chapter.

Learn more by visiting the Waterline Place Display Suite, corner of Ann Street and Waterline Place, Williamstown, or call Susan on 0448 478 892 today.