Waterline Place, Williamstown, VIC.

Construction Update July 2022

The Waterline Place team has been busy planning new releases, site preparation and construction across the community: 

Empress Apartments

The award winning Empress Apartment building was completed mid last year with the majority of building being occupied immediately, has just seen settlement of the very last apartment, now achieving 100 percent occupancy. We eagerly await the launch of the Merchant Apartments!


Piper Townhomes

Located between Nelson Place and Waterline Place the continuation of homes along the southern strip of Nelson Place have truly taken shape recently. The frames for the nine three-storey homes are almost complete whilst the five smaller homes fronting Waterline Place are also making good progress. 

  • Completion of all the framing is on track for the end of July.
  • The installation of Hebel party walls to commence after framing is completed.
  • Roof install is scheduled to start mid-August.

The Piper Collection is sold out and construction completion for all 14 homes is now anticipated for March 2023. 


Firefly Townhomes

The construction start of the Firefly collection of five homes on Cecil Street has experienced considerable delays due to:

  • Shortages within the subcontractor market to undertake specialist works.
  • Supply chain delays in materials including concrete, structural steel and timber.
  • Covid related delays in both labour and material supply.

Our team has been working hard to alleviate the delays however it continues to experience challenges.

We are getting excited to see some onsite progress soon. Only one home is still available for purchase. Construction completion is now slated for mid next year.


Merchant Apartments

The large area located between Waterline Place, Aitken Street, Ellery Townhomes and the Empress Apartment building is the site for our grandest and final apartment building at Waterline Place - MERCHANT. The site has been cleared and scraped in preparation for the turning of the sod this August which will mark the official start of construction.

Whilst the site is currently vacant, the team has been busy in the background with the appointment of a builder, chasing and receiving council endorsements and conducting discussions with potential retailers for the ground floor.

Keep an eye out for the first sales release of a limited selection of apartments soon!


Note: All dates are subject to receiving authority compliances, weather permitting and following Government COVID guidelines.