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The many benefits of the Stellar Collection: 8-Star Energy Rated Homes

AVJennings is proud to introduce the Stellar Collection, a series of homes featuring the innovative Pro9 walling system. Delivering a range of remarkable benefits, the Stellar Collection is transforming how new homes are built. So, what is the Stellar Collection and how can it benefit you?

Built to Last: Steel Frame Durability.

All AVJennings Stellar Collection homes are constructed with the Pro9 walling system. One of the greatest features of this system is its galvanised steel frame construction. Unlike traditional timber frames, steel frames are stronger, more durable and offer exceptional resistance to moisture, rot and termites.

Faster Build Times, Uncompromised Quality.

Pro9 walls are crafted and fitted with double glazed windows off-site, then delivered and erected on-site. This construction method significantly accelerates build times and reduces the risk of weather-related delays. Additionally, the streamlined process improves quality control, resulting in homes that meet the highest standards.

Exceptional Insulation and Energy Ratings.

Pro9 walls are designed to be solid, with a thick steel frame, solid foam insulation and ‘Pro-board’ sheathing. A typical timber frame with 10mm Gyprock and Rockwool insulation is hollow by comparison.

Stellar Collection homes achieve a minimum 8-star NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) rating. Each time the star rating of a home increases by one (for example, from 6 to 7-star), energy bills are reduced by a minimum of $300 per year*.

*More information can be found here

Peace and Quiet: Improved Noise Insulation.

The advantages of the Pro9 walling system extend beyond durability, quality and efficiency. The solid composition of Pro9 walls means you can expect reduced noise transfer from outside. Pro9 walls also come fitted with double glazed windows, which contribute not only to improved energy efficiency, but noise reduction too.

Stylish and Sustainable.

Materials used to construct Stellar Collection homes are more sustainable than those used to construct traditional homes. For example, bricks and cement-based products are very energy intensive and CO2 emitting. The Pro9 walling system offers a greener alternative as waste is minimal in both the factory and on-site. 

Safety First.

Exterior Pro9 walls are constructed from steel, not timber, and clad with highly fire-resistant sheathing board, making them suitable for all BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) zones. Stellar Collection homes boast 6mm laminated safety glass windows and sliding doors, which are far more resistant to cracking and shattering than standard 4mm glass.

A diagram of the Pro9 walling system can be found below.

AVJennings is the first major Australian residential developer to build with the innovative Pro9 walling system, making the Stellar Collection unlike any other homes on the market.

The Stellar Collection is coming soon to Somerford. Stay tuned for updates!

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