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Beating Plastic Pollution.
AVJennings is passionate about the environment and in particular, how to incorporate environmentally sustainable initiatives into our communities.

The month of June marks ‘World Environment Day’ and this year’s theme is “Beating Plastic Pollution”, a topic we feel particularly passionate about, so this month we want to share our top tips for how to reduce our reliance on single-use disposable plastic items.

Here are some ways you can help reduce the harm caused to the environment by single-use plastics.

1. Bring your own shopping bags to the supermarket
Fact: every year people use a whopping 5 trillion disposable plastic bags.

By simply investing in a green bag or two you can very quickly start to reduce this number and reduce harm to the environment.

2. Get your own refillable drink bottle
Fact: a staggering 1 million single-use plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the world.

When you stock up on reusable shopping bags, throw in a reusable drink bottle as well and start refilling it at home instead of buying a plastic bottle.

3. Say no to plastic straws
Fact: although small in comparison, plastic straws cause just as much damage to the environment as plastic bags and bottles.

Taking hundreds, sometimes thousands of years to break down, plastic straws can easily be eliminated from daily life. Next time you go to a bar, restaurant, or party request your drink without a straw. When purchasing straws for the home, opt for reusable, non-plastic options– the planet will thank you!

These three easy steps (that you’ll barely notice) will help dramatically reduce your impact on the planet.

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