Brunswick West, VIC.

Easy access to great education for every stage of life.

When purchasing a new home, understanding what amenities and facilities are close by is an important consideration.

Among these considerations, the presence of nearby schools and educational institutions holds significant importance for families, couples and individuals alike. From delivering convenient, enriched lifestyles to enhancing community connections, there are so many advantages to having educational facilities close to home. Most importantly, proximity to schools saves commuting time, reducing stress and allowing your family to spend more time together.

Harvest Square residents are surrounded by an abundant selection of nearby schools and learning opportunities for all ages. Harvest Square is blessed with easy access to a wide range of schools from kinder to higher education facilities including some of Melbourne’s best state and private schools.


Pre-school and Kindergartens:

Montgomery Park Childrens Centre

Opened in 1992, Montgomery Park Childrens Centre provides 31 years of experience, offering Long Day care, Kindergarten, and a maternal and child health nurse onsite.

An easy 700 metre walk from Harvest square, Montgomery Park Childrens Centre contains skilled educators that work with Children, Families, and other community members to provide a high-quality program. In addition, the centre promotes child-to-child learning, and an environment that supports each children’s individual interests and needs.

North West Brunswick Kindergarten

Opened in 1954, North West Brunswick Kindergarten holds 69 years of experience and contain staff that hold an abundance of early childhood qualifications, contributing a wealth of unique knowledge and lived experiences. North West Brunswick Kindergarten aims to build innovative and collaborative early childhood education and care programs that are fun, positive and harmonious. Whilst doing so, they aim to build strong relationships with families and the local community.

A unique program is their “Italian Kindergarten” program. Not just an Italian class; it is a full 15-hour bilingual preschool program. A short 1.5km away from Harvest square, North West Brunswick Kindergarten is a great option to keep in mind for the future.


Primary Schools:

Brunswick North West Primary School

Located within a very passionate and creative community, Brunswick North West Primary School, only 700 metres from Harvest Square, believes in helping young people achieve their own version of success.

Brunswick North West Primary boasts small class sizes, with ‘traditionally flexible’ classroom communities. This supports students further, and builds closer connections to class members, and teachers, where they know their students better than if they had a bigger class.

The school aims to balance a connection to the natural environment, and the academic side of schooling. This is apparent in their native wetlands, (‘Yakai Baring’), which is accessible to students, and encourages them to learn firsthand about ecosystems, and nature.

Brunswick West Primary School

Holding a culturally rich and cohesive community, Brunswick West Primary School on Albion Street is only 1.1 km from Harvest Square and specialises in teaching students innovative learning experiences, by dedicated staff who value strong partnerships with students and their families.

Furthermore, Brunswick West Primary provides an after-school care program run by Team kids that supports your child before they get picked up. This Program was made to ease the stress of school pick up for students and families.

St Joseph’s School

St Joseph’s School aims to educate the whole child Spiritually, Academically, Physically, Emotionally, and Socially. They work as partners in the education of the children to ensure their success so that they can make a valuable contribution to society. The Catholic ethos supports their relationships and activities at St Josephs. An easy walk from Harvest Square, St Josephs School could be a great fit for your child.


Secondary Schools:

Brunswick Secondary College

With an expansive selection of subjects, leadership, and enrichment opportunities- Brunswick Secondary college caters all students from year 7-12. Providing an array of elective subjects and enrichment programs, the school strives for the very best for all students with producing teachers that are skilled in each subject.

Just 2.7 km away from Harvest square, Brunswick Secondary College caters any students needs and interests with many opportunities presented to them throughout their schooling.

Northcote High School

Founded In 1926, Northcote High School is a highly successful co-educational school with strong traditions, a rich intellectual culture, and a comprehensive co- curricular program. The school caters for students in year 7-12 and specifically focuses on their impressive music and science program and has been recognized as a significant leader in the use of learning technologies in the classroom.

Located a little further away at from Harvest square, Northcote High School, 8.5km away has a record of high student achievement in testament to their progressive and inclusive learning culture that promotes positive relationships, diversity, and places the student at the centre of all learning experiences.

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

If you're considering a private school education, you won't find a more conveniently located one than Penleigh and Essendon Grammar. PEGS provide an enriching education from Kindergarten to VCE. Providing co-educational and single gender learning environments, they combine the support of small sections with the resources and opportunities of a bigger school.

Only 3km from Harvest square on the other side of the freeway, PEGS offers extensive co-curricular programs where students are inspired to develop their senses of sportsmanship, creativity, community and leadership.


University/ Higher education:

Living near tertiary institutions allows for easy access to campus facilities, libraries, and other resources, while also offering a vibrant student life and networking opportunities. Harvest Square is spoilt for choice given its proximity to Melbourne and is close to a number of universities and colleges that offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs to cater to diverse interests and career aspirations.

RMIT university- Brunswick Campus

Super convenient and close to Harvest Square is the award winning RMIT which recently won the award for most popular careers service in Australia. RMIT - Brunswick specialises in Art and design, Architecture, Computer Science and Information Systems, Business and management, and Communication and Media studies. Being one of the largest universities in Australia, offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and vocational pre-university courses, RMIT caters for a whole range of students.


The Brunswick Campus at RMIT also provides TAFE courses for those who choose a different pathway than regular universtiy. RMIT's flexible pathways can help you move through different levels of study to reach the qualification/s you're reaching for.

The University of Melbourne:

Study in a place like no other. Located in the Melbourne CBD, 7km from Harvest Square, the University of Melbourne, once of the best in the world, helps graduates become well-rounded, thoughtful and skilled professionals, making a positive impact across the globe.

Other tertiary schools nearby to consider:

  • Australian Catholic University (Victoria Street, Fitzroy) - 8km
  • La Trobe University (Bundoora) – 13.5km