Riverton, Jimboomba.

Highway upgrade benefits.

Mt Lindesay Hwy upgrades and benefits to the community.

Major construction works to improve safety on the Mount Lindesay Highway is now underway. The $20 million project is a vital part of a 10-year plan to improve safety and capacity on the Mount Lindesay Highway.

Locals will experience three key benefits once this stage of the Highway is completed:

  • Safety improvements: Locals who know the dangers of driving on this road due to a number of safety issues including, bus stops not sufficiently indented from the flow of traffic, limited overtaking lanes, lack of off-road breakdown bays, and turning traffic direct into private residential properties along the highway.
  • Flood protection: Another key benefit of the upgrade comes in the form of a new bridge which will increase the height of the road over Jimboomba Creek and provide flood protection on this section of the highway.
  • Capacity: The third benefit will be to increase the number of lanes, therefore, increasing the capacity and easing congestion on the road which carries more than 20,000 vehicles per day.


The below is a detailed breakdown of this section of the Highway’s upgrades:

  • A new four-lane median divided section from Camp Cable Road to Tamborine Street with:
    • two new lanes and a bridge northbound over Jimboomba Creek to provide improved flood immunity;
    • widening and upgrading to the existing highway to provide two southbound lanes;
  • Median breaks at both intersections to allow traffic to merge onto northbound lanes during a flood event to maintain one lane in each direction;
  • Relocated and indented bus bays and stops at Camp Cable Road, connected by pedestrian links to the signals to provide safe public transport access;
  • An upgraded left-turn to the service road to improve access for residents and businesses from the highway;
  • Shared path connection on the east side of Mount Lindesay Highway to provide an active transport link across Jimboomba Creek.

Construction of the new traffic lanes and bridge is expected to take 12 months and is expected to be complete early 2021. Further safety upgrades to the Mount Lindesay Highway will be delivered in priority stages, with $2 million already committed and planning underway to improve capacity and travel times on the Johanna Street to South Street stretch of the Highway.


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