Cadence, Ripley

Some of the best hiking trails are on your doorstep.

Hiking trails near Ripley 

The Ripley Valley region has various walking trails close by, many of which are great tracks for casual walkers who are up for a bit of adventure, and some trails for the more experienced hiker looking for a challenge. The trails listed below provide some incredible views - ideal for capturing the perfect selfie, you'll also discover plenty of wildlife, and take in some truly stunning scenery where you’ll feel fully immersed in the natural environment. What more could you want?


Mount Blaine Trail & Mount Blaine Summit Flinders (25km from Ripley)

The hiking trail near the base of Mount Blaine begins from Flinders Plum Picnic and winds up just over 1km to a lookout that has nice views of Flinders Peak. It's an unmarked track where you'll find yourself scrambling through loose rocks and thick bushes - very steep and slippery. But when you reach the summit, a 360 degree breathtaking view of Brisbane, Ipswich and the Scenic Rim makes it all worth it. You will need a high level if fitness to successfully conquer the summit.



Little White Rock Lookout (6.7km from Ripley)

Little White Rock Lookout is a nice short bush walk , perfect for those who don't want anything too challenging, and just wanting to take in the beautiful surrounds. Many birds inhabit the area and the lookout provides some great views. One way is approximately 600m and it will take around 30 minutes return. A lovely little Sunday outing with the family.



White Rock Multi-user Trail

White Rock is a hike that can be enjoyed year-round, with each season offering a unique advantage. The track leads through the vibrant eucalyptus forest which is truly scenic and the canopy 🌲 provides a significant amount of sun protection during the summer months, making the journey a lot more bearable. If you decide to hike in the cooler months, ensure you start the hike early in the day to avoid crossing the rocky ridges as the sun's going down. It can be quite precarious at times. For the most part of the hike it follows a wide road and it is well signed as the way up to White Rock. White Rock itself is a sandstone feature located upon a ridge significant to the indigenous people who one inhabited the region. The rock looks particularly stunning in the very late afternoon against the backdrop of the setting sun ☀️ The return hike is approximately 6.5km and should take you just under 3 hours. 

Yaddamun Trail

The Yaddamun Trail stretches over 19km and takes roughly 8 hours to compete. The track includes steep inclines and uneven surfaces. The trail provides spectacular views of Ipswich, Brisbane City and even Moreton Bay, and is totally worth the effort.

Remember, before you embark on your hike, ensure you have on hand plenty of water, food, sun protection and proper walking shoes. Make sure you also have a copy of the map or take a screenshot before you head off on your journey. These few safety precautions will ensure you have a safe and happy experience.