Arcadian Hills, Cobbitty, NSW

Riparian Corridor and Detention & Water Quality Control Basins.

20% of Arcadian Hills is green open space including the historic dam, walkways and cycle ways and fitness nodes for the residents to enjoy. Also located in this green space area is a riparian corridor and detention and water quality control basins which has ecological benefits for the area.

You may be wondering what the purpose of the riparian areas and detention basins are. The riparian corridor (creek) located in Arcadian Hills is a protected area which has been rehabilitated and restored to its natural state using provenance seeds collected from the area. It is part of what will be a continuous vegetated corridor for the movement of flora and fauna species, and it runs all the way to Cobbitty Creek. In addition to the environmental benefits, it is a valuable landscaped open space resource offering amenity benefits for local residents, particularly the existing charming little farm dam with a pedestrian bridge, and the trails either side of the corridor.

The detention and water quality control basins at Arcadian Hills remove gross pollutants (rubbish) as well as other dissolved or fine pollutants such as detergents, herbicides, pesticides and grease/oil from stormwater runoff from the local area - houses, gardens and roads - so that the quality of the stormwater when it discharges to the creek meets the required standard.